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"...they spouted out their abhorrence for meme culture and toe thumbs." - Buzz Weekly

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“It’s like if you were having a great party on a bus and then the bus crashed and you hung around to look at all the messed up stuff afterwards.” - Music Garage Chicago

"Loud, unbridled, punch-drunk rock and roll." - Smile Politely

"...reminiscent of a blending of The Clash and Alabama Shakes." - Nicole Roberts, Locals Only.


Dec. 1st : House Show (Urbana, IL)

Dec. 26th : Boobie Trap Bar (Topeka, KS)

Dec. 27th : Elbow Room (Wichita, KS)

Dec. 28th : Westport Saloon (Kansas City, MO)

Dec. 29th : Fassler Hall (Oklahoma City, OK)

Dec. 30th : Boomtown/Neon Rose (El Paso, TX) 

Dec. 31st : The Yucca Tap Room (Tempe, AZ)

Jan. 4th : Lion's Lair (Denver, CO)

Jan. 5th : Squire Lounge (Denver, CO)

Jan. 6th : The Walnut Room (Denver, CO)

Friends With Music Podcast

April 09, 2017

Friends with Music sat us down after our DZ records session to talk about Bruce. Ep. 263

Music Garage Chicago Spotlight

May 01, 2017

The Music Garage Chicago threw us a bone

Kind words about our recent house shows in Urbana with our buddies in Lime Forest, Puzzle Quest, and King of the Coast.

San Kim at is the man. Check out that time we sat down and talked with him.

Locals Only in Chicago talked about the newest EP. Check her out.

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